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  • Flavor Archive


    January 2016 | Mexican Hot Chocolate | Lemon bar

    February 2016 | Honey Rose | Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Cardamom

    March 2016 | Pistachio | Lavender Shortbread W/ Apricot Preserves

    April 2016 | Coffee Toffee | Chai

    May 2016 | Carrot Cake | Strawberries & Cream

    June 2016 | Blueberry Cobbler | S'mores

    July 2016 | Sweet Corn | Snickerdoodle

    August 2016 | Cornflake Marshmallow | PB & J

    September 2016 | Funfetti | Cherry Pie

  • From Dough to Cookie

    Become a Professional Baker in Minutes

    Place Dough

    Bake individual cookies or even cookie cakes in your oven or toaster oven, and wait for you home to smell like your favorite bakery.

    Bake and Serve

    Crispy on the edges, chewy in the middle. Cool your cookies and serve! (just try to resist diving into the cookie sheet).

  • About the Dough

    Bakery quality cookie dough, at home.


    Sweet dough is for all cookie dough lovers. We enhance our year round flavors with the best quality ingredients and experiment with new and exciting flavors everyday. Our dough is already scooped so all you have to do is bake as many or as little as you like (we won’t judge you for baking them all at once…). Our perfect cookie has a chewy texture with crisp outer edges.


    We use organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, and are always looking to incorporate products from the local businesses we have right in our NYC backyard. Our cookie dough is proudly made in Brooklyn, NY.

    Eco-Conscious Efforts

    Sweet Dough offers traditional, homemade cookie dough you can feel good about eating. Our dough is made with organic, locally sourced, and fair-trade ingredients because we believe that food should be good for everyone and everything involved. We are always testing new recipes to come up with exciting flavor combinations and love playing with seasonal ingredients.


    Our packaging is recyclable and we make all efforts to produce as little waste as possible in order to reduce our carbon footprint. So we collaborate with other local businesses from the chocolate we use, to the marshmallows, to the rooftop honey.




    Photo by Sarah Crowder

    Photo by Sam Guenin

    From the Founder | Drew Kohl

    I grew up with a pastry chef mom and a dad who coined the term “food is our religion.” So, needless to say my family and life have always revolved around food. In high school I would host the bake sales, when I started working in kitchens in restaurants in Los Angeles and NYC somehow I always wound up doing pastry as well, and relaxing after a long day would mean trying out a new recipe. When my dad spontaneously said that my mom and I should start a cookie dough company I jumped at the opportunity (and proceeded to convince my mom that, yes, we were going to do this).


    My mom and I decided to sell our cookie dough at local farmer’s markets in Los Angeles throughout the summer. It was so much fun, but certainly not a business yet. In my remaining two years of college at NYU I studied how to make a successful business, but I also found an interest in environmental studies and the waste that currently exists in the food industry. It became inherently important to me that starting a new food business wouldn’t mean contributing to our current irresponsible environmental practices.


    Two years later Sweet Dough restarted in my Brooklyn, NY apartment with endless recipe testing and a fridge full of cookie dough (my roommates were not mad about that). And now, I want to bring delicious, homemade cookies into every apartment and home kitchen. Let’s be honest, is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked cookies?





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  • FAQs

    Where do you deliver?

    All over the US...Finally!


    How do I store my dough? how long does it last?

    You can store your dough in the fridge for up to 3 weeks (although I recommend only a few days as the cookie taste and texture will change the longer it sits in the fridge) or in the freezer for 3 to 4 months.


    Do you ship? How long does it take?

    Yes we do. On the East Coast you can expect your cookie dough within 1-2 days from the ship date. On the West Coast expect your dough within 3 days from the ship date. Everything in between will range from 1-3 days from the ship date.


    Does your cookie dough contain allergens?

    Yes. We use all whole ingredients including butter, eggs, gluten and nuts. Our dough is produced in a facility that also processes nuts and other allergens.


    Why should I choose Sweet Dough cookie dough?

    Well, we carefully source all of our ingredients to make sure you are getting nothing but the freshest, local, and sustainably sourced ingredients. We produce in extremely small batches so you can be sure that your dough is handmade within just a few days of its delivery right to your door. Our memberships also include the cost of delivery, so you don't have to worry about that either. And, it just tastes really great!


    Can I gift a sweet dough membership? 

    Of course! Just select the "gift" membership in the store and select which amount of time you'd like to buy the membership for. If you'd like a handwritten note in the first delivery email us and let us know what you want the card to say. Best. Gift. Ever.


    Can I order flavors aside from what's included in my membership?

    Yes. We have 2 classic flavors that you can purchase year round (Dark Chocolate Chip w/ Sea Salt and Oatmeal Currant), or you can double up on your monthly membership and receive 4 packs of special cookie dough each month!


    Can you make me a custom flavor?

    We'd love to work with you to create a custom flavor for a party or as gifts during the holidays or other celebrations. Email us at info@sweet-dough.com for more information.


    When will my cookie dough arrive?

    We ship your cookie dough memberships on the second Monday of each month to either your home or office which you can specify in the order notes. If there is a holiday or other event preventing us from shipping on a Monday, we will notify you by email the week before. Year round flavors will be shipped on the Monday following your order date to avoid weekend non-deliverable dates.


    Can I pause my membership?

    Yes. Please email us at least 1 week before the delivery date if you would like to pause your membership and when you would like it to resume.

  • We are a proud member of the Brooklyn Foodworks incubator kitchen.